Saint Louis area community service agencies have found a friend in "Teacha's Kids" and the "Teacha Talk" platform used to discuss, inform and educate the public about the many agency/ non-profit services available. Businesses and Community Leaders alike recognize that if a problem is effecting mom and dads, it is effecting the very "Kids" we are trying to help. For that reason, "Teacha's Kids" works with all agencies, community leaders and non-profits.


Over the air waves on WGNU, WEW, "1380 The Woman" and streaming live on the internet  Teacha and her guests speak up and speak out about timely issues and events. From the emotional trauma caused by bullying to the devastating effects of  women abused and raped serving our country, no  subjects are taboo. On the air, in small gatherings or one on one, With the passion of an activist, this mom is always ready and willing to speak up and speak out on behalf of children, moms and dads.


It's the  passion and support of "Mikki Monger Jones", Serendipity Ice Cream, Schnucks Supermarkets and many others that allow us to continue working with the greater Saint Louis School Districts, Businesses, Charities, Agencies, and Community leaders  to be a voice  for  "Teacha's  Kids". On February 5, 2013  we received a letter acknowledging our work. It's closing sentence "We appreciate you very much and what you do is making a difference for us!"  Sincerely, Dr. Merry Q. Denny. Please, .Become a Sponsor.



Since 2003